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Our boutique is located in Mexico City, inside Pasaje Parián in la Colonia Roma 

There is two entrances:  Álvaro Obregón 130 (with Valet parking)  or Chihuahua 135. 

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La Vitrine brings together the traditionalist art of French patisserie and innovation. The boutique shop and its pastries are the hallmark of both obsessive attention to detail —from mise-en-place preparation, through taste, to the aesthetics of decoration— and creativeness.


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A little bit of history


This bread originated in Austria -in Vienna-, in the 17th century. It is a bun shaped like a crescent moon (croissant). Legend has it that it was created to commemorate the uprising of the Ottoman army’s siege of the city in 1683. Viennese bakers (who worked during the night) discovered that the Turks were digging tunnels under the city walls to enter unseen, and raised the alarm, thus preventing the assault.

The king of Poland and Lithuania then commissioned bakers to create a bread in the shape of the crescent moon, the emblem of the Turks.

The croissant was later introduced in France by Marie Antoinette.


This dessert is originally from the Paris region. It was named after a bicycle race that took place between the cities of Brest and Paris in 1891. Shaped like a bicycle wheel, it is a crown made with choux pastry, split horizontally in half, and filled with praline pastry cream. It is covered with sliced and toasted almonds.


This pastry originated in France in the 19th century -some say it was invented by chef Marie-Antoine Carême-. It was originally called “pain à la Duchesse” or “petite duchesse”. Éclair means lightning in French. It receives this name because it is a dessert that is eaten quickly, like lightning. It is made with choux pastry baked until it is crispy and hollow, and filled with vanilla pastry cream, chocolate, coffee or other flavors.


Bread born in Normandy, France, which is used both in pastry and savory dishes. Its main ingredient is butter. It is said that, in the time before the French Revolution, when Queen Marie Antoinette was informed that the peasants had no bread, she replied: “Let them eat brioche!

Her first footsteps and training took place in Pujol, under the stewardship celebrity chef Enrique Olvera, where she worked for more than three years. It was in Pujol where she met Alejandra Rivas, co-creator (along with her husband chef Jordi Roca) of Rocambolesc, who confirmed her passion for pastries.

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The salient feature of La Vitrine’s desserts is their natural sweetening, as well the reliance on outstanding supplies of a local producers network which Sofía has built as part of their philosophy.